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An undifferentiated cell has still yet to be developed into a mature and unique cell which is why it holds the fascination of scientist and medical staff around the world. The adult stem cell is an undifferentiated cell which they are hoping can be matured into a variety of other cells to help medicine and the benefits of mankind.


The main role of our stem cells is to regenerate other living cells by repairing then and maintaining them to last a while longer. Most of the cells in our body break down and re grow in a constant cycle right throughout our lives. Muscle cells begin to slowly degenerate as we get older because we do not produce enough hormones for the re growth of the dying cells. However with adult stem cells research we are closer to finding a working anti aging method than ever before.


It is not sure how all adult stem cells come to be present in the body but there is evidence that the mature cells of the aged do house adult stem cells within the bodies’ tissue. Because the adult stem cells are abundant in the body it has prompted medical research to seek the possibility of being able to transplant the adult stem cells. Bone marrow transplants have been done for over 50 years and they have an extremely high success rate for the use of adult stem cells transplants.


So transplanting some adult stem cells is possible but the problem is that so many stem cells are yet to be uncovered that we have no idea to what extent transplants can be achieved.


If the adult stem cells found in the brain can be harvested for use in medicines then there is a possibility of curing multiple brain diseases that are hereditary and non hereditary in nature. If the adult stem cells in the human heart can be harvested and manipulated to respond in growth then there may be hope for mankind to live for perhaps twice the age we are reaching by today’s standards.


Even if the body cells could continuously regenerate themselves the heart muscle cells cannot. By replacing or regenerating those cardiac cells the heart could last much longer and keep us alive for extended periods of time.


Adult stem cells research has not been totally perfected by doctors and there is still much ground to cover on the subject. One thing is for sure that this kind of research will change the world and break medical records to benefit the human race.





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