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Information on this website has been carefully compiled to give insight and important facts regarding the significance of stem cell therapies. This information will help the patient evaluate specific treatment options for their ailments.

Though stem cell therapy is the most promising therapy for several devastating degenerative diseases, scientists are still under the process of understanding the several unanswered questions related to stem cells. Recent advances in stem cell science indicate that stem cell therapies have strong promise in curing various diseases.

However, there are no guarantees of a 100% success rate of any therapy including stem cell therapy. With every passing day, encouraging reports validate the increasing rate of success for stem cell therapy in helping more and more people cure their ailments. ImRTC offers different technique in stem cell therapies while current medical treatments do not give satisfactory results to the patient.

ImRTC 's medical team evaluates each prospective patient's medical history to determine the eligibility for specific stem cell treatment. Patients planning to undergo stem cell therapy are required to apply for a detailed consultation.

ImRTC uses your stem cell either from bone marrow and/or adipose stroma (fat) to treat diseases, potential diseases listed below.


   Anti Aging Rejuvenation

   Alzheimer's Disease

   Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

   Autism Disorder

   Cerebral Palsy

   Degenerative Disc Disease


   Erectile Dysfunction


Heart Disease

Huntington's Disease

Kidney Failure

Knee Injuries

Liver Disease


Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular Degeneration

Muscular Dystrophy

Other Autoimmune Diseases

Other Musculoskeletal Injuries

Optic Nerve Injuries


Parkinson Disease

Pulmonary Fibrosis (COPD)

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Spinal Cord Injuries


Sports Injuries

Torn Ligaments

& many more......






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