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About Stem Cells Research

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Stem cell research is the forefront of debate in today’s world with many advocates and adversary. Proponents argue that stem cell research can cure diseases and make life better for all while opponents cite ethical dilemmas.


There are many different academics who have studied written articles on stem cell research, presenting a whole new development of challenges. These research articles contain a variety of different viewpoints and opinions that one must discern in order to reach a conclusion on stem cell research.


Many opponents to stem cell research believe that the life of an embryo takes precedent over any current human life.


Those sharing this view believe that the benefits from stem cell research are random and that stem cell research is inherently unacceptable. In fact, some people even believe that stem cell research equates to cannibalism.


There are many different research articles that explore the ethical implications surrounding stem cell research and the rights of an embryo. They also claim that such destruction of embryonic life is unnecessary for medical progress.


Proponents of stem cell research argue that an embryo does not possess the same rights as a human and that human rights take precedent, allowing for stem cell research and procedures to take place.


They argue that the benefit of stem cell research on current human life is insurmountable and can save lives, cure disease, and revolutionize medicine.


Research articles reflecting both schools of thought can be found through many online databases. It is important to weigh in on both sides of the argument and understand the pros and cons to either side, the scientific and philosophical support for each.





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