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These techniques are developed by ImRTC ™ and being applied to implement treatments for a wide range of human degenerative and debilitating conditions, including neurodegenerative diseases, ocular disease and various musculoskeletal and physiological injuries.


There are several steps to this procedures to name a few, which are listed below;


Step 1:
Fill out patient evaluation form and patient health history form, submit this form via email at along with any supporting documents.

Step 2:
Service Care representative will contact you to confirm and collect any missing information needed to submit application to medical advisory board for review including consent form to authorize medical advisory board to obtain any medical information on your behalf.

Step 3:
Service Care representative will submit your application along with any supporting documents to medical advisory board for review, once submitted it may take from 7 to 15 business days, also representative will send you an email confirming of submission.

Step 4:
Once medical advisory board review your application, than they will provide best recommendation for you, that is either you are good candidate for ImRTC Institute or any other institution which holds better prospect for candidate. this information will be provided to candidate without any financial burden courtesy of ImRTC.

Step 5:
If recommendation are made, ImRTC will direct candidate to proper institution for their condition, and if candidate can be treated in ImRTC Institute, than medical advisory board will select proper physicians, specialist for candidate, while ImRTC continue to guide candidate and their families throughout procedure.

Step 6:
Physician & Specialist consultation process begin with candidate, at that point detail information of therapy and procedure will disclose, and where candidate can interact with physician and/or specialist and learn what therapy and procedure they will use to treat candidate.

Step 7:
From this point on candidate will be direct contact with his/her primary physician who will discuss with candidate remaing steps of the procedures.




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